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The Presidential Coalition Continues Media Campaign In Nine States

The Presidential Coalition continues its media campaign with a six figure digital ad campaign highlighting President Trump’s pro-growth economic agenda in nine states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Iowa, and North Carolina. With over 6 million jobs created and unemployment at historically low levels, President Trump’s economic policies are helping all […]

Clarion Ledger: Mississippi governor’s election: A case for Tate Reeves

Throughout my lifetime, President Ronald Reagan has often served as the barometer or litmus test for any aspiring Republican. In fact, one could go through his countless quotations and philosophical musings about the role of government to describe the foundation of the Republican Party. I could even argue that most of the positions enjoy no expiration […]

The Hill: George Soros’s secret 2016 access to State exposes ‘big money’ hypocrisy of Democrats

Liberal mega-donor George Soros made some big bets during the last U.S. presidential election. One was that Hillary Clinton would win the presidency. Another was that he could reshape Ukraine’s government to his liking, and that his business empire might find fertile ground in that former Soviet state. So when Donald Trump’s improbable march to […]

Conservative Review: Trump admin reports another strong monthly jobs report in July

The Trump administration once again has some good economic news to close out the work week with the latest release of Bureau of Labor Statistics’ July job report on Friday. Here are the highlights of Friday’s numbers: There were 157,288,000 people employed in July, which marks an increase of 283,000 from the 157,005,000 employed in June. The July employment number […]

WSJ: The 99% Get a Bigger Raise

Political discourse nowadays is enough to depress anyone, and the media don’t help by ignoring good economic news. But buck up, Americans: Worker wages are growing much faster than previously reported. The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) on Tuesday published its annual revisions to personal income data, and the surprise was the huge jump in […]

The Presidential Coalition Launches Digital Ad Campaign In Michigan, Pennsylvania, And Wisconsin

The Presidential Coalition launched a six figure digital ad campaign to highlight President Trump’s pro-growth agenda in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. With over 6 million jobs created and unemployment at historically low levels, President Trump’s economic policies are helping all Americans. Good things are happening in America thanks to President Trump! Nation Of Doers: Good […]

Fox News: Dispute erupts over whether Brennan, Comey pushed Steele dossier, as DOJ probe into misconduct begins

A high-level dispute over which senior government officials pushed the unverified Steele dossier amid efforts to surveil the Trump campaign has broken out into the open again, after it emerged that Attorney General William Barr appointed a U.S. attorney to examine the origins of the Russia investigation and determine if the FBI and DOJ’s actions […]

Wash Times: No time like the past

“To everything there is a season,” the Good Book counsels, and for diehard critics of Donald Trump, clinging to their belief in his sinister designs, it’s always open season on the president. To “a time to be born, a time to die” they have added “a time to accuse, a time to face accusation.” For […]

The Hill: State Department’s red flag on Steele went to a senior FBI man well before FISA warrant

In all Washington investigations, the essential questions become who knew it and when did they know it. In the case of FBI informant Christopher Steele and the credibility of his now-disproven Russia collusion allegations against Donald Trump, we have some important clarity: Government officials confirm that an October 2016 email revealing that Steele met with […]

DOJ inspector general found Carter Page FISA extensions were illegally obtained, Joe diGenova says

The Justice Department inspector general has determined the three Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant extensions against onetime Trump campaign aide Carter Page were illegally obtained, attorney Joe diGenova said on Thursday. In an investigation that began last year, Inspector General Michael Horowitz is examining the Justice Department’s and FBI’s compliance with legal requirements as well […]

The Hill: Solomon: FBI’s Steele story falls apart: False intel and media contacts were flagged before FISA

The FBI’s sworn story to a federal court about its asset, Christopher Steele, is fraying faster than a $5 souvenir t-shirt bought at a tourist trap. Newly unearthed memos show a high-ranking government official who met with Steele in October 2016 determined some of the Donald Trump dirt that Steele was simultaneously digging up for […]

NBC 15: Is it time to investigate the investigators?

WASHINGTON (SBG) – On October 21, 2016, the FBI, then led by James Comey, filed a 422 page FISA application to place former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page under surveillance. As evidence, the application cited a dossier of salacious and unverified allegation about then-candidate Donald trump that was compiled that spring by former British spy […]

Sara Carter: Citizen’s United: Docs Reveal British Spy’s Motive To Release Dossier Dirt On Trump Before 2016 Election

A recently discovered memo written by former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec reveals stunning information that FBI informant and former British spy Christopher Steele planned to release the unverified information in his dossier before Election Day. He also admitted to Kavalec in a meeting that his research was political, according to the memo […]