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Virginian-Pilot: Letter: John Adams for attorney general

Virginia desperately needs a new lawyer. The current attorney general, Mark Herring, has used the office as a rubber stamp for the Democratic Party’s political agenda. We deserve better.

John Adams, a Republican, could be the breath of fresh air Virginia politics needs. Adams was born and raised in Chesterfield, attended college in Virginia (graduating from Virginia Military Institute in 1996 and law school at the University of Virginia in 2003), and he was stationed at Little Creek during his service as a Navy officer.

He has vast legal experience. He served as a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, as associate White House counsel under President George W. Bush and as a federal prosecutor. He now works in private practice in one of the biggest law firms in the country.

With a background of dedicated public service and an incredible legal resume, Adams will run the office of the Virginia attorney general professionally.

Re-electing Herring would be a disservice to Virginians. Herring’s record shows that he would continue to set a dangerous precedent for what we expect from our statewide officers. Instead, we should bring in an outsider, one of the most qualified candidates we have had in decades, to help lead and defend Virginia.

Catherine Colgan

Virginia Beach


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